About Us

  • Who we are ? We are a new Hispanic-owned company founded to match bilingual job seekers with companies searching for bilingual talent, specifically in the Midwest.


  • What we do? With a track record of meeting the ever-changing needs of companies and recruiters, our specialty focus and exposure to highly skilled Spanish-bilingual professional communities enable employers to reach hard-to-find, experienced and qualified bilingual candidates. www.HireBilinguals.com


  • When did we start doing what we’re doing? While www.HireBilinguals.com is a new business, its’ owners have over 15 years experience assisting businesses and organizations of all sizes (Fortune 500, start-ups, government) with marketing their bilingual positions to the Spanish-bilingual communities of the Midwest.


  • Where are we? We operate online with specific focus in the states of: KS, MO, NB, IA and expanding rapidly.


  • How are we accomplishing what we claim to do? Our unique background in grassroots Hispanic marketing allows us to understand the barriers to reaching the younger, bilingual Hispanic community and adopt our marketing to successfully promote and fill your job opportunities.